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oh no i hit 45 !!

It had to happen at sometime! yup im 45 !! had a great birthday had a great jam in the side of a mountain then picked up my dad from the airport who come to join me for birthday celebrations! and then on to my favorite bar to sing a few songs and a surprise birthday cake!! awesome thank you to mum dad and my sister and lisas family for sending me a card out i really do appreciate this. Love & Peace X



2013 1st jam

Good start back to 2013 nice little jam at the tavern at scale, franks not well but what a guy just carrys on no matter what!! Missed him singing a few songs though! Nice variation of songs with some status quo from Wayne! It’s been a while since I played any of that well since looking back !!! Bloody el! I love it when Keith Frankland gets up and does his country rock set he really has the Johny cash style! Gives me chance to express my bottle neck playing as a lap steel totally different. Quite a few in enem though its the first week after Xmas and the photo shoot Martin did was certainly different not really had a photographer make such a fuss about positions and light before but I’m sure we will get amazing results!! I’m working on foxy lady for next week hendrix is in my soul come against me if you want me to tear you to small pieces and spit out your machine heads !
Wardster signing out 2013