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here is some work in progress

yup still working through the songs im just giving the songs identity i guess, everybody has there own way of writing, now ive been co-writing with matt for around 18 years, when it comes to writing yourself its a different kettle of fish! im plodding through and getting better all the time, ive a nice hendrix fueled tune on the horizon that kicks pure ass.. so keep a watch on the blog for updates, ive started self teaching the drums thats going well so i should be putting drum tracks down soon!! its all quiet exciting stuff! also im planning on testing out two of my own a the open mic night when i get song two finished ill go and give them a go! any way here is a couple i wrote, the first one i brought back to life from 1992 and im just re-jigging and the second one i wrote in 2013 which i prefer to be honest all though its only one verse as it stands ….soundcloud_fluid




my chill room progress

As promised here is the progress on my new chill room, plenty more to add yet should be finished in another 2/3 weeks, need to install alarm sensor, CCTV, media rack for apple TV and Wii fit and HiFi, new carpet and blinds, need a chill fridge for beverages off course!. Need a railway sleeper for the brick wall and need to fit my fishtank into a old apple mac ive got which is retro and extra special looking!!  As you can see its coming along nicely.. The next batch will be the finished result! Im happy with the results of designing this room if you need any tips please ask im glad to help, thanks to jimmy ward for putting in another amazing ceiling 🙂