checking in !!

just thought id check in, things are picking up with business and my band rubber soul is booked well, we have gigs lined up for xmas ill post all the events on here if you want to come check us out.

Ive got some gigs coming up soon with the devious soul machine so keeps your eyes peeled for events!!!



So I say good day to all my good friends and close family.


we came and we conquered

i have to say friday night at the platform with the devious soul machine was amazing, no wonder it was a sell out! the night was packed with the best bands in the area..

  • devious soul machine
  • under cover
  • white line fever
  • tommy j and the midnights
  • the section
  • terry canyon and the oil slicks

The event was well organised by steven wren, bernie kelly, rob dorington and and creevy. Three stages and the night just ran like clockwork.

This had to be the best gig ive ever played in my whole music career!

amazing night


devious soul machine, the platform morecambe gig 2013


yes its been confirmed ill be playing bass with the devious soul machine at the platform in morecambe, nice to see all the lads again getting into the groove…

tickets for later with Jools Netherland 19 th April, feat. The return of The Devious Soul Machine, Undercover/Catdog, Terry Canyon and the Oil Slicks, White Line Fever, The Section and Tommy J and The Midnights

some great line ups, make sure you get your tickets before it sells out.