Rubber Soul 2013

Rubber soul will be finishing of 2013 at the following locations.

  • 25th dec – malt shovel, warton
  • 28th dec – boardwalk, morecambe
  • 31st dec – cricket club, morecambe

wayne ward

many thanks to all the people who have supported rubber soul for 2013. Look forward to the new year and a whole new set.


sunday jam – at the bath hotel morecambe


Our jam is now every sunday at the bath hotel morecambe

We have the core three piece rubber soul live 

Plus guest artists which can be guitar / bass / drums / vocals 

and covering all ranges including

blues, country, rock and roll, skiffle, rock – you name it we do it!!

Get in to the best jam in the town on a sunday – it cant be beat !!!!!!!!!

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gig at the golden lion

1. Good gig at the golden lion last night, we had richard on drums as our drummer pulled in the week and didnt want to let the place down! we got a one hour rehearsal in at the coop before the gig at the music coop were two things went wrong, number they turned the electric off without any warning which isnt good for the tubes on my amp so im going to suggest they let bands know about this fair enough you pay for time and they chop the electric but who pays for the knackered valves o my tube amp? ok we mentioned you are meant to watch you watch but why do i want to watch that when im rehearsing in a zone? i cant see some kind of indication IE a light that flashes in the room warning you 5 minutes before costing that much money to implement? certainly a lot less than a full set of replacement tubes for my orange amp?… then i gets outside and in the same place ive been parking my car for over 20 years ive got a damn parking ticket? I couldnt see no sign so i went and had a look this morning and there is a sign but on the other side so im going to the council that traffice warden is a wanker and should play by the rules. any way the gig was great! it was looking empty around 8.45 but by 9.15 the place was cooking!! went down a treat. John the landlord came up to us after the first set and set bloody great but can we notch it down just a slight touch which was decent of him well certainly better than the stupid cow in the stonewell tavern who has a full on argument while your performing on the stage but thats another story….. overall great night though. I took the new gibson in that i bought for a G tuned slide guitar and played it in concert instead of the thunderbird, i have to say a great guitar the only thing that lets it down is the single coil pickup which yes its a cost saving guitar but single coil and gibsons just dont go im afraid do im either going to put on a seymour p90 or a seymour humbucker… hard choice. The gibson junior i got sports a p90 and sounds amazing and the thunderbird has humbuckers and sounds amazing but cant figure which is best!! im thinking p90…. have to say im glad i swapped the strat for it as the guitar i once loved was sat in the corner gathering dust, the one i said id never get rid of simply couldnt cut it after i bought the thunderbird and got the gibson bug!!!! anyway great pub the golden lion in lancaster get your assss in and try some of there traditional ales or maybe a hendricks gin if they got some cucumber?……!..


thunder jackson and the bandits

Hi just to let all top dog fans know we have now changed our name to

Thunder Jackson & The Bandits

We now have a new bass player / vocalist and I’ve moved onto guitar / slide guitar with jimmy ward.

Its added a new dimenention to the band

Make sure you track our Facebook group page for up and coming gigs

As were not to be missed – hard hitting R & B