Back in bed with apple

Made a big change when it comes to technology I didn’t think id jump back in bed with apple but I had a feeling it could happen.. I been doing a lot of shows up and down the coast and was building two solutions..

One portable for small shows that doesn’t have lots of wires and to much setting up.

One larger rig used for show automation including the music, lights, spinning light heads and smoke and vocal / guitar effect automation plus additional projection to screen.

I bought a iRig and a blue board only to realise that this doesn’t work with the note 8 I recently bought… so then i sent it back and opted for the iOS version and thought well a iPad mini will cut all this.. now the iPad mini in mind I kind of knew this could be dangerous. It lead to me dropping all the computers / laptops running antergos which is damn good plus dumped all the tablets and just wen clean through apple the best thing I did was dumping the Samsung frontier watch as I never got it to do anything even Samsung pay was useless! I also dumped the cheap android boxes and went Apple TV 4K but have to say its the best move ive ever made a real investment. Now the only thing I don’t have to do is fix the computers so I spend my time reading magazines and books on them and creating videos and photos for my shows! Plus I started looking at a few games and a controller to play them.

Have to say its expensive jumping in bed with apple but the old saying is true you get what you pay for so sorry you won’t be seeing no more linux blogs I don’t have the time now for tinkering and fixing a building boxes. Sorry if this disappoints but there is to much in life to be doing this. Bye linux is been a passion but now you are in bed. Sweet dreams!!


my chill room progress

As promised here is the progress on my new chill room, plenty more to add yet should be finished in another 2/3 weeks, need to install alarm sensor, CCTV, media rack for apple TV and Wii fit and HiFi, new carpet and blinds, need a chill fridge for beverages off course!. Need a railway sleeper for the brick wall and need to fit my fishtank into a old apple mac ive got which is retro and extra special looking!!  As you can see its coming along nicely.. The next batch will be the finished result! Im happy with the results of designing this room if you need any tips please ask im glad to help, thanks to jimmy ward for putting in another amazing ceiling 🙂


the lion roars!!

Well a month into my lion install on my macbook and i have to say yes there has been a few problems were some programs are buggy with it but they all seem to be catching up and releasing the updates not apples fault i guess more down do the people who create the applications have to be fast and update to the new standards.

Lion roar

I had to downgrade one macbook to snow leopard to make auto cad work right but now auto cad 2012 is available which is built to support lion! Plus we are waiting for announcement for solid works for mac osx !! hopefully next year……

I have to to say the new finger gestures are kind of happy, i love mission control and air drop is damn handy – launchpad mmm i don’t see the point and don’t like it but i suppose its going to blossom into something great!!!

I love the idea of when you download lion it ships with the latest update at that time so at this current time you will get 10.7.1 so comes with the 1st major update built in! certainly kicks the arse out of windows.

Im not sure if i like the new feature were it opens all my apps after a reboot or update, suppose some people like that i just don’t. I see they have added the full screen feature which I’ve used once and is something yes you don’t use all the time but when you do want to focus on a certain you can if its supports the full green focus, for instance i just updated firefox to the latest version and it hasn’t got the full screen capability yet……….

I like the new mail layout and wasn’t sure about the new look of the address book looking like a address book but its grown on me!!

the upgrade wrks well but i did clean installs anyway and left some disk space for time machine and configured just to back up my desktop and documents which has been working well for a incremental back up. The machine has been very responsive and i have had no crashing – lock ups or any problems at all. So far i give it my 100% – ten out of ten, there is no doubt in my mind the mac operating system is probably the most solid robust operating system around alongside linux.

Get a mac with lion on it don’t look back.


google chrome for mac

ive just took the plunge and thought id try google chrome on the mac.. after using firefox from version one its been a while but sometimes nice for a change!! I can say the install was easy but isnt it always on a mac?… the gui is very simplistic and i like this a lot. Now the extensions i needed were mostly for SEO which i found some great ones actually better than the ones i had loaded before! i also found a great little ebay extenesion and a shareaholic extension which lets me post to multiple site! plugged in a nice little search bar and a pretty neat wordpress extension which is handy for fast blogs.. i found the usual digg / delicious and stumble upon extensions and of course xmarks which brought in all my bookmarks which id been syncing with the firefox xmarks extension.. alexa plugin works well so extensions 10/10 !! browser speed and rendering 10/10
so id say go for it ! i love firefox for being a great browser and certainly better than internet explorer – for lots of reasons including security!!!…

give is a whirl… available for windows and apple mac and linux!!!!!!! i just love multiplatform

Get chrome here

Chrome extensions

More chrome extensions!!