Im a time served linux administrator and offer a wide range of services using linux in any flavour required. If its something a simple as linux laptop, workstation or raspberry pi or right through to a full blown linux server or cluster no job is to big or to small please ask for details.

  • linux training
  • linux laptop
  • linux desktop
  • linux server
  • linux consulting
  • raspberry pi

Ive been administering linux desktops, laptops, servers and clusters since 1995 and have experiences in all flovaours of linux mainly ubuntu, debian, redhat and gentoo. If your looking for a off the shelf solution or looking at something bespoke please ask for details. Ive built custom made installs for personal to enterprise level including laptops, mail and web servers, firewalls and credit card server clusters.

I offer the best prices in town for reinstalls and clean ups, your probably looking at half the price of some of the companies and not the shoddy work done by the cheaper ones. The best price and the best setup for the money in the area.

 I offer training on linux systems please ask for details from dektop to servers.