raspberry pi links

people are asking for more information on the raspberry pi here are my links

distros available:

raspbmc – i use this for my media centre, nice install with xbmc installed ready to go, very stable and works out of the box -> http://www.raspbmc.com

raspbian – the main debian distro, again easy install comes with lxde desktop install, very lightweight but useable, i use this distro for running quake 3 and updating my raspberry pi -> http://www.raspbian.org

open elec – a very polished version, again xbmc media centre, i found it wasnt as snappy as the raspbmc setup? try it… easy install, great support -> http://openelec.tv

Want to buy a raspberry? buy a kit from here

If you follow my blog you will see updates and install how to’s, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I can supply ready made kits and more information for setting them up around the house or business.


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