jam night kendal

decided to take a run through to preston dickie doodles for a jam on tuesday after hearing so many good reports – so rounded up some of my muso mates to go and sample the night..
dan lovet-horn – douggie mccannal and dan doherty all blasted through in dans car – cost us 2 quid for parking which is a rip as they have 24hour service wardens checking so they can clamp you! wankers! went for a pint in the ? forgot the name… for a pint first and then walked up to dickie doodles about 9ish – seemed to be a lot of young smelly looking hair braided people about even some guy sporing a old punk moheacan?! anyway quiet a few about and the music chirped up so we went in. It wasnt what i call a jam it was more like a unpaid rehearsal for some shite ska band – the PA was awful and distorting and the vocals were bloody awful – the two trombone players were out of tune not helping the sax player – the bass wasnt to bad and the guitarist chopped away which wasnt to bad until he kicked his cheap wah wah in which sounded shite. Then they kicked into another song which sounded like the previous song so we said fuk this lets get out of here! dan dropped us of at the park hotel morecambe were we carried on with the bevarages! dan got up on the karaoke for the crack and i was going to have a shot but i was to pissed! hung around till it quitened down and havd a great chat with gary pugh and the lads about bands and music in general… great conversation something i like with ecent people and like minded time served musicians. Any way we was talking about rigs and gary came back in the room and gave me a ah250 trace elliot head that needed restoration! i couldnt believe it i cant thank him enough!!!! but overall had a spectacular night. Good freinds and people are hard to find so all the best to you guys. Back to some more rehearsal for me shredding away learning new songs for the audition….. proper hard stuff well to technical for any previous bands i played with which isnt saying a lot!…
so if your looking for a jam night dont go to dickie doodles its shite.