crazy times..

well i suddenly get five mins to update my blog – its been so busy lately especially within the music scene its like going back fifteen years its on fire again im loving it! I took friday night off to relax after the hectic week of rehearsing with my dad for the gigs coming up and rehearsing my bass parts for the studio, im in such a zone its quality! saturday payed our respects to tony ross for his 70th birthday at his house in burton in lonsdale – popped into the local pub with my dad for a pint before we went to the house, getting up to the house was great people playing acoustic guitars and singing – some great musicians i havent seen for a while even my old pal and great bass player mr john pete! which we got into some interesting chat with his lad who is a up and coming bass player and i mentioned to get some slap bass in and listen to some of the bass gods!!…. someone say king or pastorius?..!
nice to see tony sing a long and he seemed happy to see me and my dad hell we had some great times I used to do the country festivals with him when i was doing a lot of session work around 15 years ago! with jimmy bamber on the drums – man that brings back memories of the best times ever. Had a talk to tonys family and we headed back to town to the old hall at heysham to check the sinners out for the last hour.. again a great chat with some great musicians then had a chat with a likewise bass player who shares interest in fine hand crafted bass guitars! and he had a couple of overwaters including a fretless… yum yum 🙂
got back home and got straight to sleep ready for the studio session sunday which included some 5 string parts and my first studio fretless parts – now ive been practacing the life out of the fretless to get this part right, three takes for the fretless part!!! with no touch ups not bad!! took a bit of tweaking and also tequenique adjustments to loose a slap overtone coming from getting dug in to much as im not really a subtle player – the 5 string part went straight down and ive listened back and im really happy with the results – the fretless sounds AMAZING – i want more fretless time…
i was that happy i went straight out on the piss and while in the musician mode were else than the park hotel for a jam with the lads! got up and played a couple of rock and roll and fired out some funk and took quite a flowing solo – man i was on fire sunday! we got our old mate dougie up to sing a song with us and he performed like a star! then had a break and got shouted back up on the stage later and lennys telecaster was kicking around so i fired that on and played a bit of guitar aswell which was not bad..
then into town to watch some more music – popped in the lord nelson and then hit ma murpheys to watch a single act which was pretty good he was using some old 70’s strat which wasnt bad at all!!
well was well trashed got my sorry musician backside home and cuddled up to our lass and listened to some floyd -> good times.
im hard back to work monday in the business and with my partner in the states
things are moving forward bigstyle this week so watch this space…
its all music music music
which reminds me thursday jam day ? a jam during the day !! yes sure is – the stone well tavern kicks of at 3pm with some this space ill let you know the news..