a nice day off..

nice to to take a day away from the screen dropped our james off at carnforth and get out and visit my mum 🙂 we have a nice big chicken and we are kicking back and chilling.
ive got a good three days coming up coding sat behind the screen and don’t get to see daylight 🙁
but hey i have bills to pay !!!
my new project launches this week and im expecting the best so watch this space….
i need to get two hours practice in today – ive set out one hour a day fretless one hour fretted and one hour on the guitar back to scales and getting some vocal practice in. Keeping this back to a strict routine like I used to have. Some of the complex parts I used to be able to play im just been playing around with them and this is going to take 6 months to get back up to speed….
Its a hard task but its all worth it. The new status needs some daylite im going to get the trace elliot setup this week and get my head into 5 string mode.
It seems crazy at this time of my playing to go back to the drawing board and pick out a bunch of scales to work at ! but my hunger is back – im looking round for any session work in around and in any style rock – country – jazz thats one of my good points ive done some major busking and i need to get back into stepping in for bands and doing festivals again! Im looking at getting another amp which i can carry round for the sessions maybe a mark bass rig or ashdown im going to try some combos this week….
im quite happy with the speed and accuracy ive got to already playing triples slapped on the jaydee ive been playing along to some great parts which are very tightly timed not to many notes but very accurately timed and nice to latch along too…
i need to restring the fretless this week as the string i just loaded it with dont feel right and dont sound right – im going to go to some some stainless steel which yes rip the fretboard up but thats how i can get the jaco pastorius sound i like to emulate – get back on the back pick up and funk this shit out 🙂 i am working on a part on the fretless called 33.1 which im putting down in the studio next week – its a perfect song for the fretless some nice space to get in some fretless parts and ive spent a good part of my fretless practice this week on this song so its going to be amazing its funny I talked to my best mate simon the other day he is one of the finest bass players around and slap I cant touch him but he is the sam as me has some great basses and a jaydee but he always has a fretless by his side – we talked about it the other day and he shares my thoughts that the fretless has so much more ways to express yourself its a lovely instrument and i do feel sorry for the guys who pick up the fretless and put it down because its to complicated for them – again you get what you put in it took me over a year to get my head round the tequenique and now i can say i have no fears with the fretless and can play and slap it with ease it just offers a lot that you cant scrape out of a fretted – so any budding bass players scared of the fretless get some time and listen to some of the great fretless players it well worth putting in the time….
Other things …
Great gig last night ive never seen so many people in one place!!! bloody hot pot was amazing!! the irish dancers were superb and we went down a storm which is great – thanks for the compliments! i sang pinball wizard without a struggle whatsoever! which i was good as ive never sang it let a lone practiced it before!!! Good to see some of my old mates – ste morton – melly – tony jackson (little pisshead!) some great dancers!!!!! finished up in queens with keith for last jar before sloping of for a taxi as i was a bit bog eyed! Looking forward now to the gigs i have lined up with my dad now so we are practicing this week not that we need that much just work out who is doing which harmony but a lot of people say im so fortunate to have a farther son duo. One of the gigs we have coming up im so looking forward to as we have loads of like minded musicians invited so thats going to be interesting!! I invited mr bamber who is probably one of the greatest drummers ive had the fortune to play with but he isnt well so I hope him all the best to get well soon he is one person I love grooving some music out with what a talented guy.
But what a great night things are going great musically also watch this blog for all the latest happenings in the new project as they unfold over the next few weeks any musicians should keep there eye on this one – im giving no more clues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……….
dont forget watch my blog because its cool – you know you love it.


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