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I havent blogged to much about my shop as ive been to busy doing it really – Basically it was full of crap when i bought it and ive emptied that and got it back to bare walls – I need two large windows removing and blocking up – One doo removing and blocking up – A full new shop front inclding door and window (which is getting ordered this week!) Then a new wall is being fitted to generate a second room which is the workshop – so i will have a customer area – a counter with products – a workshop and a kitchen chill area and a toilet! All the building is fully secure with 24/7 online cctv system which i will be watching from home and a full alarm system with phone dialer and shutters so its tight as duck asss! I estimate 2 – 3 months until launch and am looking forward to the challenge. As ive posted the company is changing from lancaster computers to M & L Computers – Which stands for morecambe and lancaster computers. We will specialise in laptops servers & computers – Microsoft – linux and macintosh – We will provide repairs and upgrades on playstation 3 and netbooks! – we also supply media and hardware and offer a wide range of web services CMS systems – CRM systems – optimisation – blogs – to many services to mention!!!!!!! My knowledge is endless ! need a mail server? web sever ? file server – you name it i build it. 🙂

This year is dedicated to my business – im looking forward to the bloom 🙂


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