Mac osx snow leopard upgrade

Just got my hands on the new version of mac osx – snow leopard, awsome bit of kit. I decided to go for a clean install as there was so many changes to the core – one being full 64 bit otherwise i might have gone for a upgrade – anyway the install is very slick and simple much easier than any windows install! anyway cleared the drive and 20 minutes later im in snow leopard, first thing i noticed how much snappier it was! from then on it took me a hour to setup all my apps which wasnt bad – most of the apps are snow leopard compatible now I ran into 3 apps !! which aint bad. I use codeweavers games to run GTA vice city and a few other doze games that run badly in a ciderized wrapper so i got the new version 8 down and this also failed? so i downloaded crossover pro and this works 100% – one of the others was smallimage2 which to be fair stated it on their website when i downloaded it but i found imageresizer which i have to be honest is more what i wanted in the first place! and last but not least the real pain in the ass is artisteer which i just payed like 70 quid for! this creates my wordpress and joomla themes except it doesnt until they fix it!! and it turns out its not down to them its more the mono wrapper it sits in! as its basically a .net proggie!! how dare they charge me 70 quid for a non native app?? i hear they are working on it and have working patches…
anyway some nice features built in to many to list but all i can say is its worth the upgrade specially for 40 quid for a 5 user pack! knocks the socks of any windows operating system 100%
if you havent got a mac .. get one 😉