Ubuntu intrepid the story so far..

I always thought kde was more slick – more integrated and generally more good apps available.
Well i first tried putting kde 3.5.9 on the asus 701 then i upgraded to kde 4 which killed it! so upgraded the ram which didnt make a lot of difference so i thought id try gos – google operating system which i thought it used its own desktop, basically the install was greatand i could immediatly see the speed difference. I noticed it was gnome desktop with the google tools added.
So when i moved my domain to google and bought the google phone i tied all my apps – calendar contacts into google. I installed the new version of ubuntu intrepid with the latest evolution which connects to gnome tied in all my apps together with full contact and calendar sync and the speed and slick operation of gnome. Ive had to try various apps for music and / ftp and torrenting etc. But now i have settled nicely having found all applications that are required. Gnome is by far more integrated – more stable – more polished I dont know what i was thinking – my next blog will show my recommended applications – take my word for it gnome and evolution rock!
Ubuntu is ready for business and the world 🙂