ubuntu cdripper

its been a while a wanted to rip a cd for music in ubuntu or just in general, i got a cd of a pal i though i would just pop it in nowadays with ubuntu being like it is, it asked me what to do so i thought id try rhytmnbox as standard but i tried all sorts just kept coming up with that it need plugings and went of for them but nothing worked so i treied the general search for cd rippers in app store. now i used to use grip and that worked ace but that ain in the app store so i tried audex and asunder – now audex could see my drives and dive me the device names for them being . dev/srp and sr1 which for some reason doesnt how nowadays when you do and mount command ? so audex nice scans the drives right but didnt work, so asunder couldnt see the drives and scans /dev/cdrom which dont work on my box – i tried /dev/dr0 and got nothing and then the /dev/sr1 and the tracks appeared and it did a cddb lookup and then i was ripping the cd which worked perfectly 🙂 so asunder is the one! nice and light, unity app apart from the cd scanning is lousy but does what it says on the tin when you have the device letters….




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