emby media server, a real media server

3607473ive been using plex for quite while now and to be fair its served its purpose well. The only problem i had with it was it never scrobbled my music and when i got the ubuntu touch phone there is no app for plex so was running it in a browser which was to be honest bloody awful! I recently caught a post on media servers and somebody was asking which media server to go for and somebody said plex and so did i but somebody said you want open source you want emby!.. so i took a look because im always keen to see new products.. and with the first glimpse i realised its what ive been looking for all along so removed plex and just aadded the PPA and just did a  apt-get install on my ubuntu nuc box 14.04 LTS.  Now some of the features i have gained is amazing,  For one it renders perfectly on my ubuntu touch phone and the big bonus lets me plays movies and music in the browser on my phone were plex wouldnt check this for rendering perfect.ubuntu touch

then i added the plugin to my now tv boxes which is the same set  up as my example on here installing the plex client it just replaces the plex app on the now tv and that works flawless!

The best media server that you can watch your media everywhere you go….

and then installed the plugin on the raspberry PI 1 & 2 which is a bit buggy but does work with a bit of messing, in the settings i select direct streams and that seems to work a treat.

lastfmOne of the big features is scrobbling not only does it scrobble to last fm for music scrobbling but also has a trakt scrobbling feature to scrobble movies and TV shows you watch which is awesome now plex does none of that at all ! This has to be the best media server around. Some of the features are really unbelievable, i give her ten out of ten. If your bored of your media server and are looking for one that expands try emby, im glad i did!! https://emby.media/ trakt