Dell inspiron 1525 – ununtu jaunty

Just removed vista from a dell inspiron 1525 and installed ubuntu’s new offering jaunty 🙂 I used the 64 bit version which took 30 mins to download the ISO rapid servers! The install was a breeze after answering around 5 questions it was away! It ate the install around 15 minustes later I was logging on!  I tested all the usual things wireless – sound – webcam – video all just worked straight out of the box no messing!! I played a mp3 with rhythmnbox and it went off and got the required codecs! I went into synaptic and installed java plugin and flash plugin and amsn.

This has give this laptop a new lease of life my mate complained it was slow out of the box with vista – well this has 64 bit linux power and now its powerful 🙂

If your looking for a decent laptop around the £300 mark get a dell inspiron 1525 – you can walk into currys and buy them of the shelf!! fire jaunty on it and your away.

10 / 10


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