long time no blog

great weekend in marbella – loved every minute

anyway good work in marbella
got all the work done – plenty of siesta
nice touring in the boxter with the roof down
i loved the power of the porshce on the open roads ….
johns villa was amazing – lovely to stay on the golden mile
the pool and the scenery was amazing
some great acts to watch out aswell!!
on thee work side – just struck some big deals again!
one of my clients mailed me to thank me for the optimisation and said they was so happy to be at the top – while others drop out … what can i do?…..
well the plans in action – time to leave …
in motion – then im going drop sumett 🙂
etnas was amazing tonight
sirloin was special and the spicy garlic bread was perfect…
good to see my dad
well got a good day booked up 2morro and got a meeting with the bank to sort out my ISA accounts
its going to be nice to look back… head down working hard is sooo good and so beneficial.
who wants to buy a semi detached on scale hall for 170?…
watch this space folks



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