late night

had a late night again coding last night with my partner in the states, its hard work but also great because we can talk about the thing that are different with our countries!! I find it odd when they are ready for T time and im getting ready for hitting the sack!! its a long day my hours are from 10am till 6pm and then I started again at 8pm and coded right through till 5am!!!! then i have to wind down so get to bed for 6am – then im up again for 11.30 now that might sound lazy to you but im afraid thats the rest the old brain requires!! i cant imagine having a manual job and getting my hands dirty now but hey i don’t need to its my skill!! and im happy sat on my arse working its the way forward!!!! ive just had my dad round for a few cups of coffee and a chat which is a good break and i find myself so lucky to have such a great farther he is someone who you can trust and he is such a great person. Get back to some more coding but im still feeling a bit head taxed which is hard to understand until you actually do it. Im going to get a hour on the fretless today work on the track for the studio a bit more ive sussed a nice fill im going to touch the song with and Its inspired me to play some great slap routine which i can use as great practice routine that triplets and all thumb and can have a nice pop in it when required to break it up – 2morro the status is coming out and thats going to get a couple of hours as im going to be playing a song on it that needs touching up.
Im going to take a look at the stratocaster and just sort the action a touch i like the action low but i was trying to pull out some overbends again the other night and they were choking just on the edge maybe im overbending to much or maybe ive got the action to low ? something ill figure out… i cant moan about the strat certainly kicks the ass out of a lot of guitars ive heard its crystal clear through this little george dennis very open and musical tone is quite desirable and all 5 positions – i think they did me a favour with the new pickup and wiring (grease bucket) configuration, it like to think of it as a old strat which is cool with a upgrade -> hot rod ๐Ÿ™‚
Ive been having a think about recent happenings and sometimes things happen for the best im doing real well in business in mind in family in music – I have made losses in friends and maybe family which is sad but life must go on and unfortunately i have to say what i think and if its here in my personal space then thats my view its a shame people have to look into this if its not there business but people do thats people for you. I wont be expressing myself about the band anymore ive cut my ties ive learnt a big lesson from this and like i say had some fall outs. On the other hand im only moving forward. The new project which im working on will go were im hoping and i cant see me hanging around when it does go were I presume. So hopefully one of my wishes is to leave this sad old town behind if that happens ill be the happiest man walking.
Until then i will not bothering with anyone like they say keep my self to myself – who can you trust round here? let me tell you now -> nobody. So now it me my family my business my project my music happy days. Its quite funny but quite expected to get a phone call from one of my ex mates saying he is going to punch my head in for saying he isn’t a musician and say it to his face i would do that and i have said that but the funny thing some people just aint intelligent enough to argue or have a discussion they have to make threats all i can say to this is grow up and just be careful if this happens you will have to pay the consequences I have made the warning.
Im moving on and wish no ties or contact with the people in question if you dont like what you read dont read my personal site maybe go and do some work or spend time with your families, ive been witing this blog for years and write openly what i think this will continue until i go in the ground so im afraid you will have to simply accept this is what i do. i work with computers all day every day so yes i get time to blog.
later folks ๐Ÿ™‚ keep tuned in ๐Ÿ™‚