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well what a week – me fiona my partner fred and his wife wendy have had a ball!
it all started wednesday morning were we picked fred and wendy up from the airport – we got stuck in congested traffic so they had a extra hour on the airport! what a shame any way we picked them up and just had a great tme straight away – instead of hitting the congestion we hit manchester -> straight to johny roadhouse! awsome place if your a musician get yourself to this place you will love it – they are so helpful! play what you like and lots of little bits and bats that you dont usually see in music shops we loved it! had a quick american coffee and hit the motorway back to lancaster.. were fred and wendy needed some sleep after there long trip! we popped into morecambe to show fred and wendy the promenade and the view of the bay at night – and we picked up some pear cider and we grabbed a scallop each from the chippie!!! procceded back to ward mantions and ordered a chineese banquet from max’s! lovely food – we had a damn good yarn and retired early as we had a lot on over the next few days! we got up round ten ad hit lancaster straight away – we hit the museum which i havent visted for a few years and procceded into lancaster market to see if we could get fred a cuban cigar but they couldnt accomadate unfortunatly – grabbed the usual pack of fifteen crab sticks and stuffed my face! popped into HMV for fred to pick up some souvenirs. We then hit bashful alley for american coffees and iced coffees. We walked up to the castle and paid a fiver a piece to do the full tour of the castle which was great! we have never done this before and would recommend this to anybody who hasnt done it the history of the castle is amazing and after this day it made me realise what we have under our nose in our little historic city! we then walked sown to the stonewell tavern to sample a beer and catch some jazz which was great! then decided to catch lancaster park and get some pictures around the monument which was great aswell – got some great snaps! then we decided to hit my local watering hole to sample a beer the george hotel and out tummies started rumbling so we got back to our place to order a moguls banquet but its still under refurb so went for a castle balti which wasnt bad although not as good as mohuls. Again a good few beers some great laughs and bed ready for the next morning….
friday early rise as we was heading to liverpool ! we had to drop of the dogs and pay a quick visit to promenade music to introduce all my good friends in the music shop to my partner fred – fred tried a few basses and a TC amp and we hit the motorway to liverpool – we arrived after lunch at the snooze in liverpool and fred and wendy went for a snooze so me and fiona went for a quick few beers! we then went back to meet fred and wendy and got a taxi to liverpool town and again went for chineese banquet – like £7 each and you can pick what you like and ice cream for afters! then we hit the cavern and sang some beatles songs.. it was so busy with it being john lennons 70th birthday. We then proceeded to the taxi to take us to the philomonic hall to watch level 42 live for there 30th anniversary – which was amazing – quiet a shock for mark king to drop ashdown and take on TC electronic for the tour… he used status basses which sounded awsome – he had his brother on guitar and mike lindup on the keys – sax player and some amazing drummer – the show was amazing to the extent it made fred get teary seeing his best band in liverpool was all to much!!!! anyhow we hit liverpool for beers and got back for sleep ready for the morning!…
up for continental breakfast and hit the motorway straight down the m1 for london!!!! anyway got into london for lunch and got parked up and got into the crown plaza hotel – probably one of the finest hotels in london and got a lye down for a hour and then we got straight onto the palace – we then came back for a beer or two and had a indian meal in the place connected to the crown plaza hotel – the food was very unique – very tasty – very expensive – I loved it all – back into the crown we had a few more beers and fred got a tad drunk on gins 🙂 good boy 🙂
went for some traditional breakfast the next mornong which was A1 – then fred and wendy went on a tour and me and fiona moved hotel to lambeth so we could get closer to the tower bridge and get some parking for the next day.
This is when we start the tour of london as taught by my farther.

We started on the tube and looked around the tower of london and moved on to the tower bridge. Then moved onto the bass centre and then stopped in a old traditional pub for a beer and then moved back to the tube back to downing street and then on to traffager square. We then moved onto the changing of the guard and green park and back to buckingham palace. We went back onto to meet fred and wendy and went down to the albert pub for a great traditional meal and some beers! We spent our last hour together in the crown plaza were we had beers and said our good byes. We went back through the town by cab which was great seein the tower bridge and and the london eye at night its amazing! Back to the hotel and had a late drink fiona likes a baileys and I went on the jack daniels!
We was up nice and early and showered up and walked across the road straight to the imperial war museum which is free and great inside. Then we paid our last visit to the bass gallery were i seen some alembics / wal / some half decent fenders.
Hit the motorway and im just loooking through the amazing pictues now.
I must say this is the best time ive had in a long time and have to say a big thanks to my partner fred and wendy for such a great time and for being so much fun and great friends. We are looking forward to visit them this next year and for them to return to our house – they are always welcome its so good to meet such good people. To the future and good times ahead.

“One of the UK’s finest bass players meets one of the USA’s finest bass players – the start of something great”


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