times do change

yes times do change usually for the best – in my case yes for the best
things are all good – business is ticking
gigs are rolling and the music is better than ever!!

Im writing songs now which I admit i was okay at helping out before
Specially in when someone else was laying the words out
I just blast out the chords and help along! no worries
Just always got held up blocked when writing myself
Started writing using thoughts of things that happen and happend is helping a lot
Inspiration doesnt come easy and neither do good lyrics
Although I see some people write bullshit lyrics sometimes the bullshit is good?
As i do more like anything else I get pretty deep into it and get better
Although so far im pretty impressed with my self
I just need this big 12 string acoustic to inspire me to write the chords……..

Anyway in celerbration on my new successes ive changed out my blog theme!!! I hope you like it..
Cause I do !!!
I cleared and tuned my itunes collection on my laptop today and im getting ready for my main collection which should be interesting!!
Im just a third of the way through a new tune this one is real tidy “Rock and roll jigsaw”
Wait till i post these up – far better than the stuff ive done in the past they were shoddy work
Im so much more for getting things right these days……

Im just stepping down from being lugmaster and im waiting for the new person to come along and take role Ive said ill keep attending when i get chance – im sorry to leave the position but i feel its not fair the group should suffer while im so busy – thanks so far to all the support. Great group.


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