GMN update

Fixed all the bugs on GMN – mainly URL problems which I was going to get the menu hard coded into the component pages which I was quoted around 18 hours work so I decided to tackle it myself. I purchased jomsef and jomsocial plugin for £40 and installed the two plugins …
Configured standard jomsocial urls plus SEO which is great – configured music player to use jomsef but a basic version now that’s perfect with no bugs at all!!! I’ve installed jreviews and got the new licence I’m going to add all the categories tomorrow and purchase the jreview plugin so all the reviews loose the no menu bug and get optimised as well..
I enabled the google analytics module in jomsef and also used the internal site map generator to generate a sitemap and it pinged the sitemap of to google and yahoo and bing for me!!!! And then dumped a sitemap.xml for me in the root!!! Amazing bit of kit – after I configure reviews tomorrow I’ll setup the SEO module resubmit sitemap and I’ve 100% with no bugs!!!
I’ve hit google already as well which is great it can only be better this time I’ve never had a sitemap on before on the music site as it’s always crashed creating the sitemap because of all the pages it had to crawl. This time I’m hitting the top and got the sitemap required so finally I’ve got it right!! Few more categories to add here and there and custom profile fields which I’m not going to go overboard with!
I’m looking at putting the link sharing directory in next week – this will be accessible from movie devices aswell which I think will be great not only for users to share information but also for optimisation ……
iPad client should be here soon to test which my iPad is crying out for!!!

Just been back and tried to get back the users I lost with all the messing about with domains over Xmas and managed to get a few – I don’t blame them lucky it was only ten I got on board with early days of submitting!! Had some great ideas for submitting to get more on board so over the next couple of weeks lets see how that pans out probably help now I’ve got jake and Fiona on board going to help me submit around so the resource gets shared its been a struggle to get this out on my own with all the time and brain power to code her, which I’m looking at weekend to complete then I go into marketing mode.

It’s early days for GMN but the potential is there fingers crossed for 2011 like I’ve been told of plenty off people I’ve put in the hard work and the time to create this site this year so let’s hope it takes of !!!

Wayne – love to you all x