still to busy to blog!..

im that busy lately i hardly get time to blog! i find my self blogging just before I hit the sack and tonight its flowing as i got some great pink floyd tunes flowing in the back ground!
well sunday was certainly an event a load of acts got together and did a a charity gig for local guy called mal who isnt well so we raided a few grand for him playing in the lord nelson all day! great food – prizes – acts and not one spot of bother! My dad hung around saturday as he was dying to watch me play god bless him he sat and watched me chew up the fret board he loved it – cheering away he had a right good session its great to have him come watch me – im truly honoured.
got to get ready for next weekend ive got saturday night and sunday night! awsome playing in lancaster and morecambe ive never been so busy with gigs its brill. Im also finding get backon the active music scene im getting connected to all the musicains ive known for years its great what im gutted about is what i left behind and took advantage of! so many great bands musicians out there and i just got in a rut really best thing i ever did was getting back out here god im hungry for it now.. my slap playing is on fire I cant beleive how much my whole playing has come back together so fast!
Promethium: i just got my mix back from the studio and the mix is awsome im amazed with my playing this time my fretless track is like ive never played before so fat and controlled I cant wait for the final master its going to be something to be proud of makes me want to use all my other stuff ive done in the studio as coasters for my cups of tea!!!!!! and thats no lie.
Im still looking at creating a new band thats going to kick the ass of any rock band round here – i havent started advertising yet but im working on a masterplan its just finding the right lads i need the real deal – im toying with hendrix .. maybe some audioslave … who knows but its going to be amazing im getting butterflies thinking about it – its going to have and always have a big setup – fully mic’d up – full light right – full trace elliot – full guitar stacks and plenty of monitor power – I want big – pro players and plenty of power im ready to kick asssss and who ever else is hungry and shit hot like me will love this – watch this space…..
im getting plenty of practice in again across the board mixing it between guitar / bass / vocals as i need to be at my best in all these which is hard to focus on all three but im managing it – if you want to be the best you have to try your best.
the new project is in test for another month but going very well – some lucky people are involved and enjoying it – more to come folks on that………….
work wise im hectic plenty of laptop repairs and plenty of on sites – so all round amazingly good.
ive arranged a linux meeting for this month as i had to cancel last months with so much work and gigs!!! crazy
finished up the olive branch web site which is loooking good – local based charity in lancaster for people who are homeless or who need help – great cause please visit


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