its been a while but hey…

its been a while since i last blogged ive been so busy working on a massive project which i will leak in short time 🙂 im giving no clues and no information but its going to be be special.
works busy and im slowly but surely cherry picking the decent customers I get kinda sick of people who ring and ring and ring and its obvious i cant answer because im on a job or either in a meeting! bloody cheeky! i also hate people asking for my home phone number because they cant get me on my mobile? what so they can harass me on my home phone yes thats clever? and also so bloody cheeky they are the people Im striking off so be careful not to overstep the mark, im a good person but if you take advantage of my good nature i will strike you off with out a thought.
the site stats are all up again for the people who have been fortunate to get a site and optimisation so its al good.
On the music side..
the fretless is back together and now loaded with the EMG’s i just love this bass its amazing – the new status 5 string hasnt had a look in yet I need to get this hooked up and fall into it very soon.
Ive got some 30’s of my bezi mate simon for xmas and im going to load the jaydee up with these like it should be – its been a while its had 40’s on it for ages and i havent used 30’s for about two years – so its great to get back in slap mode !!!
Im going back into the studio to work on the promethium stuff as the b string on one of the bass parts didnt cut it and im making one of the fretted bass parts a fretless parts which i know will be perfect and im looking forward to this as its the first time i got the fretless down in the studio!!

I must say its been an eventful 3 months ive worked hard – dropped a lot of people who really just aint worth the time of day and im buckling down and getting on with my life. If your reading please take the time to understand what im saying i take no hostages im to darn busy. This year im leaving everybody behind im going that little number this year – ive worked so hard for others and lined there pockets now its my turn to hit the big one – so watch this space and learn 😉

watch close for updates – big updates 😉

have a nice day!!


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