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Lancaster Linux User Group

The lancaster linux user group is going strong – we have a meeting the first wednesday of every month in the brtittania in lancaster – if your interested in linux – mac osx – html – developing etc then feel free to come along!!

It doesnt matter if your new to linux or just wanting to find out more information. Please feel free to join the mailing list or drop me a email if your interested

blog @ wayneward

(without the spaces!!)

Come join the lancaster LUG


Call of duty 4 macintosh

Just installed call of duty 4 on the macbook

The price was very reasonable and delivery was fast – amazon has loads of macintosh games including all the sims2 collection!!

The install was just a breeze and the game runs awsome – ive never seen a game run so smooth !!!!

So if some one tells says "you cant play games on a mac or linux"

A total load of crap!!!

Gaming on the mac and linux is the next step and is happening big now 🙂



mac osx installer doesnt ask for password

Just going to install advanced web ranking tool on leopard but the package doesnt ask for the root password so the install fails. Ive seen this problem with mpkg files before so i checked all my disk permisions etc but still wont install. I assume its a problem with the installer as i say ive seen this happen with other mpkg files so get a terminal – locate to were the app is and tpye the following

installer -pkg <packagename> -target <mountPoint>


installer -pkg packagename -target /Applications

Asks for root password and installs the package 🙂


Shop Status

I havent blogged to much about my shop as ive been to busy doing it really – Basically it was full of crap when i bought it and ive emptied that and got it back to bare walls – I need two large windows removing and blocking up – One doo removing and blocking up – A full new shop front inclding door and window (which is getting ordered this week!) Then a new wall is being fitted to generate a second room which is the workshop – so i will have a customer area – a counter with products – a workshop and a kitchen chill area and a toilet! All the building is fully secure with 24/7 online cctv system which i will be watching from home and a full alarm system with phone dialer and shutters so its tight as duck asss! I estimate 2 – 3 months until launch and am looking forward to the challenge. As ive posted the company is changing from lancaster computers to M & L Computers – Which stands for morecambe and lancaster computers. We will specialise in laptops servers & computers – Microsoft – linux and macintosh – We will provide repairs and upgrades on playstation 3 and netbooks! – we also supply media and hardware and offer a wide range of web services CMS systems – CRM systems – optimisation – blogs – to many services to mention!!!!!!! My knowledge is endless ! need a mail server? web sever ? file server – you name it i build it. 🙂

This year is dedicated to my business – im looking forward to the bloom 🙂


isight record

If you have the pleasure of owning a macbook with a built in isight and want to make some small movies for your blog or you tube straight from your isight – give quicktime broadcaster a go!

Its free and produces pretty nifty movies you can also stream them to a external client somewere!!!!

or for a quick movie without streaming and options simply use photo booth in movie mode – which is bundled with most macs!!! just hit the record button and the movies appear in your pictues/photobooth directory