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the lion roars!!

Well a month into my lion install on my macbook and i have to say yes there has been a few problems were some programs are buggy with it but they all seem to be catching up and releasing the updates not apples fault i guess more down do the people who create the applications have to be fast and update to the new standards.

Lion roar

I had to downgrade one macbook to snow leopard to make auto cad work right but now auto cad 2012 is available which is built to support lion! Plus we are waiting for announcement for solid works for mac osx !! hopefully next year……

I have to to say the new finger gestures are kind of happy, i love mission control and air drop is damn handy – launchpad mmm i don’t see the point and don’t like it but i suppose its going to blossom into something great!!!

I love the idea of when you download lion it ships with the latest update at that time so at this current time you will get 10.7.1 so comes with the 1st major update built in! certainly kicks the arse out of windows.

Im not sure if i like the new feature were it opens all my apps after a reboot or update, suppose some people like that i just don’t. I see they have added the full screen feature which I’ve used once and is something yes you don’t use all the time but when you do want to focus on a certain you can if its supports the full green focus, for instance i just updated firefox to the latest version and it hasn’t got the full screen capability yet……….

I like the new mail layout and wasn’t sure about the new look of the address book looking like a address book but its grown on me!!

the upgrade wrks well but i did clean installs anyway and left some disk space for time machine and configured just to back up my desktop and documents which has been working well for a incremental back up. The machine has been very responsive and i have had no crashing – lock ups or any problems at all. So far i give it my 100% – ten out of ten, there is no doubt in my mind the mac operating system is probably the most solid robust operating system around alongside linux.

Get a mac with lion on it don’t look back.


plex and xbmc client for ATV

just updated my ATV to 4.2.1
anyway i got the the termianl through ssh using the username root and password alpine

echo “deb ./downloads/PLEX/” > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/plex.list
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

then i did

apt-get install org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2
apt-get install com.plex.client-plugin

on my mac i installed plex server plugin available here
if your not lucky enough to own a mac or your using a unpnp server use xbmc and a the unpnp source.

im very happy with the new plex update – ive gained fast forward funtion on plex and it resumes now!!

enjoy hackers

if plex is a bitch remove it using apt then do apt-get clean and follow this link

it worked for me 😉

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just getting round to a quick blog…

just getting round to a quick blog… its been kinda without my macbook
although using a normal laptop is pretty shite i like using linux again infact ubuntu has matured hell of a lot lately support for like skype and other proggies like spotify is great to see!
anyway weekend has been a mad one with gigs started saturday at the stonewell with blackheart afterglow at a private party – my mate belly was doing the DJ’ing and the theme was like old skool funk – i loved it !! real funk some shit i never heard real funk is awesome!! band played well – i need to get myself a mark bass or a TC electronic this year as im not in for lugging this trace elliot around anymore 🙁 although its the best and ill never get anything like it im just getting to struggle on my own with the amp and its not very often you get offered a lift with it…. ill keep you posted on the amp i go with 🙂
played guitar sunday @ the park – bloody great day! i played electric acoustic for the first round and then tried the ricky copy which sounded bloody great! then kicked some ass on the last spot on my beloved strat! great gig!
looking forward to rehearsal with new band this week and the gigs lined up for next week – im just loving music at the moment
im defo going to strip the body for my unlined fretless this week its waiting for me ….
im liking this blogging client in ubuntu called drivel nice easy and lean woks well only a couple of things I can pick it on when adding the site you have to add the url you have to put the full url which is a bit akward if your not a techie it needs a option to say its wordpress and add the last part to the domain automatically as you have to insert this:
and one the category is a drop down box so you can only select one category? i prefer to add more than one category because i tend to blog on multiple categories so im going to remove it!! and go back to lekhonee!!


macbook RIP

I put my mac into sleep mode then left the plug out for a few days and
now its dead 🙁

Called apple care sounds like a logicboard fault – so a new one is on the cards 🙁
And we just had our 13″ macbook stolen hen we got robbed little twats!

xmas tux

So ive built myself a linux laptop using ubuntu 🙂
Works damn great ! setup no problems ive got access to my contacts and calendars using thunderbird and all its great plugins!! ive got my bookmarks as I use xmarks to sync them! and ive got access to my evernote notes using a application called nevernotes.. seems to work fine
Ive had to mount my music/movie/photo shares using upnp and xmbc client which works great 🙂
Im just writing this blog on lekhonee which is a nice wordpress editor 🙂

Was fairly ratted yesterday went to the wagon and horses in lancaster @ ellisons work do and then wandered off into morecambe to watch a soul band in the cheiftan – not bad at all! Got a few bits to get for my close family today and im set for xmas 🙂 – im a bit disapointed with this year and feel let down by mainly one person who has caused so much trouble and split ythe family I hope this person is ashambed of itself as if you are readsing this you know who you are you disgust me with your interfearing habits but its bred into you and you know you are known for it so have a nice xmas…..
Im looking forward to the new year lots of new projects on the horizon – ive had to stop all domestic work as its simply a waste of time and its hard telling people i cant fix there computers anymore but ive let a few slip through and they are more hassle than anything so im defo not doing anymore! 100% – Im sticking with websites and commercial business only – and one of my new projects which i will start to reveal more on here in the new year…. had to knock all favours on the head and had to stop administering any sites ive been running there just aint no point putting in all the time I have time is money and if projects dont kick in within a year screw it – next year is for me and my family fuck everyone else simple as.

Bands are going well im now in two bands one doing covers and one doing original stuff which is great as im writing some great parts on the fretless and they always have new songs and plenty to do instead of stood round like a bunch of amateurs scratching heads saying what shall we do then! ppphhhffff!
Ive just stripped another bass body this ones going to be a jazz fretless and this one is unlined 🙂 my number one is lined and I use this nearly all the time now – although a alembic is on the cards for the new year…… aswell as a new rig – yes i use a proffesional trace elliot not a little shitty practice amp! but im looking portable like a mark bass 2×10 combo which does like 500watt – ive tried a fre ashdowns and they suck dogs assssss.
Been having some good jam days with dan / gary / wrennie frank on a sunday – we have boxing day lined up which will be interesting !! i play bass and guitar which i enjoy!
Im going to get a film lined up for tonight on the apple TV for tonight and order a curry and have a few beers – looking forward to tomorrow nice easy day got my dad and andrew coming over so should be interesting 🙂

im popping to promenade music for a few last minute bits – you have a merry xmas you hear

ho ho ho ho

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good gig last night

good gig last night ! at the old smokey conners
played upstairs for works do with dan – i like playing rhythm / lead funny how some people are just crap and just think rhythm guitar is just strumming you can do so much with rhythm guitar (if your a natural that is)
got finished up and got a taxi through to lancaster to meet fiona on her work do
its been a while since ive been into lancaster as I dont want trouble from some people
but i thought sod it let them start and show themselves up
Bloody good night went to bentleys and ended up in lounge
although I have to say the bar staff in lounge rip you off if you pay for a double they put singles in
so beware – I personally dont like the place and will not return after they try to rip me off.
Suppose im just used to the good service in my local the george pity there wasnt any other decent watering holes in the area with bands…

just doing my last day of domestic repairs as most of the people in this town either have no money or will harass you as they so desperately need the computer back ! its quiet funny i was going to keep doing some for friends but to be honest ive just tried a few tricks out … ill basically go do a job for a mate for free and then ask them to do me a job for free and it doesn’t seem to work ! mad isnt it they dont want to return the favour – im out of favours – so basically no more mr nice guy – im zero tolerance now I will not be used for a mug by nobody – I no longer do computers for friends or family. Apart from that commercial work is going great – plenty of commercial work and websites.

just got back from marbella – had a smashing time – met some great people – looking forward to going back very soon…

Band stuff is going well black heart afterglow has plenty of gigs for the new year and hecklers is trying a new vocalist this week to kick some asss in the new year 🙂

Got all my bits together for the unlined fretless – this ones called number two and number one is a lined fretless – im going to strip her over the xmas holiday – looking forward to trying my hand at the unlined now my lined technique is spot on and have some great compliments regarding my playing and sound when i use number one. But lets face who can touch me round here? gary this and simon willan are the only people i know who are shit hot !!
calling all bass players….


apple tv 2

well the aple tv 2 is ordered today! bloody great price of a hundred quid delivered direct from apple! now you get a remote with it and power lead but no lead to connect to the TV – usually hdmi lead but in my case were the TV repair man screwed me hdmi i got a hdmi to vga lead coming for it till i get my new tv … real soon!….
anyways quite a bit of change with the apple tv i see it has a 8 gig internal storage and 256 meg of ram and a A4 processor and bluetooth. Now out of the box you can stream movies and music from a itunes share on the network also photos from iphoto share and do some web browsing and some music streaming from
now getting your films and extracting them to the format to import into itunes sounds alright tp me but a tad messy – it is possible… but messy
so poked around and found a bit of software called atv flash – now this software opens the machine up to what it should be like including playing video from upnp and loads of other features like dvd’s on the network and other crazy stuff which makes techies like me happy 😉 now its been available for the first generation of the apple tv for a while and the 2nd generation is in beta test but they are looking like they are nearly ready to release!! ive signed up to beta test as im the perfect person for it! and i will test it – infact i cant wait to get my hands on it! ive already got the software and image to jailbreak my box when it arrives friday!!! then i can ssh into the box and then its prepped to get the atv flash softare on aswell 🙂
being able to get movies @ 2.50 GBP each aint bad at all
apple tv will cost you 100 GBP and atv flash will cost you 50 USD -> bargain
its mad that you flash the apple tv same as a iphone ! interesting …

atv flash details here

apple tv details here


google chrome for mac

ive just took the plunge and thought id try google chrome on the mac.. after using firefox from version one its been a while but sometimes nice for a change!! I can say the install was easy but isnt it always on a mac?… the gui is very simplistic and i like this a lot. Now the extensions i needed were mostly for SEO which i found some great ones actually better than the ones i had loaded before! i also found a great little ebay extenesion and a shareaholic extension which lets me post to multiple site! plugged in a nice little search bar and a pretty neat wordpress extension which is handy for fast blogs.. i found the usual digg / delicious and stumble upon extensions and of course xmarks which brought in all my bookmarks which id been syncing with the firefox xmarks extension.. alexa plugin works well so extensions 10/10 !! browser speed and rendering 10/10
so id say go for it ! i love firefox for being a great browser and certainly better than internet explorer – for lots of reasons including security!!!…

give is a whirl… available for windows and apple mac and linux!!!!!!! i just love multiplatform

Get chrome here

Chrome extensions

More chrome extensions!!


delete account

Ive been playing round with SIP clients
works good on iphone out of the bx – got me a local number for free!
Im pretty certain i can get a sip client that will register multiple sip numbers – virtual office…
Just testing on the mac now…
Might set up a sip server again you never know…
Finally im comfy on my new office chair bloody nice bit of kit of the old ebay!!!!! i like cheap !!
New curry house opened up near me the baber elephant – tried out the food was pretty damn impressed!!
Nice bar inside – welcome visit ! happy days
I see facebook added the delete account option ! thats going to fuk quite a few people up!……
Good gig yesterday bill on keyboards – good turn our – i played bass and guitar – kicked out some shit hot solos
fuk im good! i actually enjoyed listening to myself ha ha ha fukin amazing!! my strat and george dennis were sent from above!!

Anyway busy as hell with work – worked in kendal 2day and maybe 2morro — got a few more sites in – shit hot
booked tickets for me and our lass and my partner fred and his lass for level 42 concert – looking forward to freds visit from the USA and going on our road trip from lancaster -> liverpool -> london!!! stopping in some of the finest hotels in the UK !!! amazing
watch my blog for a full write up – and if you are lucky enough to be on my facebook friends list the pictures aswell!!!
saying that i might post the pics on a picasa for my blog fans to check out the exclusive places we stay… keep tuned fans
dont forget vote for wardster
wardism policies are the best and we can put the GREAT back in britain

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