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Just testing the new wordpress writer

Just testing the new app on ubuntu, I installed the package on kde but couldnt find the launcher but i took a look at the deb package and located the launcher in /usr/local/ and just ran ./ which ran the app – Im pretty certain it will show up in the menus on the next login! Nice and easy to use and full of features – plus works and windows and mac as well – Really handy for people with self hosted websites! You can see stats with the jet pack plugin etc. See screen shot running on KDE.  You can download the packages here >



just testing some kde apps

dragon1_bigi like the was kde is so intergrated and has lots of nice features , im just testing some of the apps created for kde, noticeable apps are bullet pointed below 🙂

  • choqok – twitter app
  • blogilo – blogging app
  • amarok – amazing music app
  • kontact – amazing for mail, calendars and journaling
  • muon – for installing software
  • digikam – photo organiser on steroids!
Going to tst some more ill post some more in depth apps for kde 🙂

Telegram Desktop in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Looking for a cross platform messaging servuce? want it on ubuntu desktop and phone? well you need telegram – has file and photo send and also can do private messages and emojis!Selection_001 on ubuntu touch it just installed just verify your number – on ubuntu run the following commands in a terminal

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/telegram
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install telegram

then for some reason it doesnt install the runner in the unity search so head to its install directory

cd /opt/telegram/

and run telegram like this


then verify your mobile number and then i right click and pin it to the unity launcher – enjoy 🙂


ubuntu native ex fat support

exFAT (ExteNative-exFAT-Support-Finally-Arrives-on-Linux-2nded File Allocation Table) is a Microsoft file system optimized for flash drives. It is proprietary and patented. exFAT can be used where the NTFS file system is not a feasible solution (due to data structure overhead), or where the file size limit of the standard FAT32 file system is unacceptable.

If you plug into a ubuntu box and you get errors just run this in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install exfat-fuse exfat-utils

Then plug in the drive 🙂


ubuntu touch OTA 8 / mycroft

Im eagerly awaiting ubuntu touch OTA 8, with each release the new featuresubuntutouch and stability have improved – the phones been a bit buggy right up to OTA 7 but now just starting to level out. I think around the time of OTA 6 we got like hot spot, OTA Auth in web pages and loads of other goodies. Ill blog on the OTA featues update and meanwhile here is a link to all the goodies in OTA 7 –>>  OTA 7 UPDATE INFO

Now were do we start with mycroft! when i first spotted the video of what mycroft was and the possibilities i was quite knocked out! a small unit you can put in your house stand alone with voice recognition that can play music, lock doors by you activating the device by saying  mycroft – so for instance mycroft open ebay or mycroft what appointments do i have today would speak back to Selection_014you the appointments you have, but as well as that because its open source people can develop on it and it can do stuff like open and lock doors and switch lights and kettles ons. Now this was all sounding great and the little units they supply look awseome, all this technology is based round the raspberry pi computer which is around 25 pounds for the board! But the latest news is that there intergrating this is into ubuntu tounch phone and ubuntu unity desktop which for me is amazing news . So more blogs on this to come.

The website is here

The community is here


droidbox vip remote and kodi

The droidbox vip sounded like just what i needed, bascally so i could use it on my kodi setup and program the buttons for the TV. Now the standby buttons and the four bottom buttons p41eSnGPdaTLrogram to the TV, i wanted the volume up and down and program up to be programmed for the TV which isnt possible and 1 through to zero be used on the TV as i would never use these on my OSMC setup and kodi. I used the UK support phone number which is handy, but when i explained to the first man who wasnt british he misunderstood and sent me a email on how to re-calibrate the air mouse which is a feature i would never use and didnt want to know how to use, the second call a british guy confirmed this cant be done rendering the remote control useless for me, nice design, nice build well layed out but doesnt do whats required im afraidflirc-1 so sent back and now im ordering a flirc dongle which i can program and it comes with a ubuntu installer for the gui which is awesome ( as well as windows and mac osx) these for around £13 on on ebay so that will be the next blog….

this is the controller running on ubuntu Workspace 1_011

easy to install on ubuntu

Installation Instructions Ubuntu i386:

	Add 'deb binary/' to /etc/apt/sources.list
	apt-get update
	apt-get install flirc

Installation Instructions Ubuntu x64:

	Add 'deb binary/' to /etc/apt/sources.list
	apt-get update
	apt-get install flirc

emby media server, a real media server

3607473ive been using plex for quite while now and to be fair its served its purpose well. The only problem i had with it was it never scrobbled my music and when i got the ubuntu touch phone there is no app for plex so was running it in a browser which was to be honest bloody awful! I recently caught a post on media servers and somebody was asking which media server to go for and somebody said plex and so did i but somebody said you want open source you want emby!.. so i took a look because im always keen to see new products.. and with the first glimpse i realised its what ive been looking for all along so removed plex and just aadded the PPA and just did a  apt-get install on my ubuntu nuc box 14.04 LTS.  Now some of the features i have gained is amazing,  For one it renders perfectly on my ubuntu touch phone and the big bonus lets me plays movies and music in the browser on my phone were plex wouldnt check this for rendering perfect.ubuntu touch

then i added the plugin to my now tv boxes which is the same set  up as my example on here installing the plex client it just replaces the plex app on the now tv and that works flawless!

The best media server that you can watch your media everywhere you go….

and then installed the plugin on the raspberry PI 1 & 2 which is a bit buggy but does work with a bit of messing, in the settings i select direct streams and that seems to work a treat.

lastfmOne of the big features is scrobbling not only does it scrobble to last fm for music scrobbling but also has a trakt scrobbling feature to scrobble movies and TV shows you watch which is awesome now plex does none of that at all ! This has to be the best media server around. Some of the features are really unbelievable, i give her ten out of ten. If your bored of your media server and are looking for one that expands try emby, im glad i did!! trakt


latest ubuntu upgrades – desktop and mobile

with the recent release of wily werewolf in fact today! i thought id take the plunge. A couple of days ago OTA 7 was made available for the ubuntu touch phone which id been waiting for as id been having a bad experience in regards to phone locking and when selecting a text waiting for the names to show and then waiting for the message to load which was getting pretty annoying and just randoms locks and the phone slowing so thought the OTA 7 would fix this which it did in a way but had to install the OTA 7 update then factory reset the phone, ever since then batter life has been tons better, no white ubuntu-iconscreens on facebook and also gained auth on web pages and copy and paste so i basically can now log on to a remote transmission with the username and password and then copy and paste a remote torrent file which wasnt possible before. The only problem is that auth doesnt remember the user pass so everytime you want to go in you have to input the user pass everytime unless you put the whole user and password in the url getting rid of the browser doing the auth in the first place? but the ability to copy and paste the url makes all the difference 🙂  So far the phones great experienced problems when adding accounts on dekko mail client after upgrade were it crashes adding the smtp account but once added asks for password and just works so not so bad. Just waiting for vpn and a vnc or remote desktop client. File manager gained SMB so it goes to browse my network and finds computers but cant access them as it says no file type, but i just put in smb:// and that shows the file shares available on my server and let me copy files across my network to the phone. The upgrade before i did factory reset also told that i had no music on my phone from the music player but there was music there. After the wipe and reinstall the music appeared and works fine. The OTA makes the phone slicker and is heading in the right direction now.  Roll On OTA 8

Wily Werewolf on the desktop

Because the laptop was all hooked as needed it i tried a dist upgrade which killed my laptop! I booted of a fresh 15.10 wily werewolf DVD and managed to rescue my files to a usb key and the rest was on the ubuntu-1510cloud – nice fresh install and copied across files required and re-setup my cloud which is all great. No noticeable differences apart from my fans are not going crazy on my laptop (dell xps 13) like they was and its defiantly a lot slicker. Own cloud is missing the icon on the top bar like last time but usually fixes when i install everpad but thats not availble yet and never usually is for a week or so, so means i have to use evernote through a browser until somebody rolls the deb files for 15.10 on the PPA…. Installed all my usual programs and used all the preinstalled drivers, tested steam and it goes like the clappers with killing floor so dont see no need in installing the graphics driver using the intel installer as it wont be available yet anyway! If your looking at upgrading take a back up! But i prefer a fresh install anyway. Roll on 16.10 and convergence……………..