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best ever birthday ever

setup a jam in the smugglers den for my birthday and have to say what a superb turn out

a massive thanks to my dad and my lad for showing out and to all my good friends for a showing and also a massive thanks to all the musicians who came and joined the fun!!

a day of fine music and beer! what more could a musician ask for for!

  • rubber soul
  • tony west
  • bottle necks
  • mick brown
  • natural thing
  • richard turton
  • jay blackburn
  • keith frankland

facebook police

mad i get a call of morecambe police station saying ive been setting web-facebook-police-badge-A3-right-sizeup dodgy facebook accounts, because i work in IT! never heard some much shite in my life. For one im far to busy for another why would I. Some people are pathetic. I cant understand the police wanting even take crap like this on. Instead of flapping about crappy facebook accounts they could be arresting real criminals for instance

  • drunken disorderly
  • domestic violence
  • stalking
  • causing damage to vehicles
  • going equipped

could be worse could shag the girlfriends daughter? some right creepy freaks about. Isnt there….

im going to make a complaint to the police not that it will make any difference itll just end up in court one day, if it does bring ya cheque book cause your going to need it.

Any questions please feel free to email me on and ill answer all your questions.



stats dropped a bit

i haven’t blogged for a while been so busy, ill have to get actively blogging because my stats have dropped!

I’ve been doing showcases and playing a lot with the band and it takes up so much time!

We have done showcases in blackpool and wigan and are getting lots of interest for gigs, ive never worked in a band that’s been so much demand than rubber soul, i think its the choice of music personally.

But if anybody is looking for a band for there xmas do or pub club or event please feel free to use my contact form and ill come back to you.

Please keep watching for some new blogs coming your way…..

and to all my good friends and family i hope you are well and having a good day, wardster 😉


dvla is a poor organisation

got pulled other week for being on my mobile, fair enough hold my hands up so take the 3 points on the chin. but then he says my licence is revoked and has been since 2005. Now since 2005 ive been to court for speeding my licence was sent back to dvla for points and returned active to me, also in the meantime ive rang dvla to check my licence status and also for points and have never been told the licence was revoked not even when i ve been pulled for routine checks since 2005! even my insurance company who check your licence didnt get any indication and cant understand how this happend, i called dvla and they accept no responsibilities and indicate that the department that puts points on is different from the department that revokes, so if you send your licence back for points and your licence is revoke that are so stupid and disorganised to un-revoke the licence even though they get both parts of the licence! which thats why it was revoked in 2005 apparantly!!! so the police remove my car which costs 150 get out and at a rate of 20 pounds a day storage, so i take a trader who is insured to drive and vechile to drive the car from the pound and the police wont accept his insurance as they want my insurance company to add him to my insurance and you have to tell the insurance company it is to get it out of the pound! which is a massive no no! the insurnace company wants and written explanation then they want to review and the cars going up at 20 a day and you have 14 days!! so i decice to bite it as its to much hassle so then when i ask for my new tax disk back at mac adams they want me to sign my car over to them then i can says dick turpin! then i get a fat fine!!! and 9 points!! the system is dangerous and fails to serve us properly. BEWARE ring dvla and ask if your revoked cause if you are you are screwed and you dont even know it!!!!


had a great birthday this year

yes the time has come around and i hit the big 41

Thanks to my dad for putting a buffet on at the bath gig on sunday and to all the great folk who turned out to pay there respects. Here is my highlight presents of fiona and the kids!!!