Wayne Paul Ward born 1972, Lancaster, Lancashire, united kingdom. Lived in lancaster till i was 8 and moved to morecambe when my parents separated and lived between towns till around 14/15 when i was ejected so went to lancaster were i should have been in the first place! I lived in the middle of lancaster and morecambe in between my parents with fiona all the three kids have left home now and we have one grandchild called alexis.

Im a computer technician and website developer. Part and parcel of building computers, operating systems etc is gadgets! Love to hack phones, make mini computers, compile operating systems and build solutions. Ive been building computers and laptops since the beginning of PC”s and been through every stage of microsoft windows desktop and server. I found linux about two years after its initial release and started building linux boxes and never looked back, I’ve used lots of distros on various platforms including red hat, suse, fedora, gentoo, ubuntu, debian, rasbian. I have to say I’m comfy with ubuntu and apt and love building gentoo boxes for power, compiling the system specifically for the box has a lot to say for itself! Nowadays I’m running a macbook pro just for the ease o things and the sync capabilities, ok I’m not under the hood so much but i still got the power, stability and a virus/spyware free environment. As windows yes it works well with games and some programs run on it that won’t install on mac or linux but i have alternates, i stopped using it around NT4, 2000 as thats when it went downhill. I liked the stability of NT4 i still do. Ive installed other platforms and administered large clusters used for credit card transactions and also had the joy of administering openVMS boxes which was damn interesting.

My qualifications on the various above mixed bag are, MCSE windows desktop and server. MCSE windows SQL server, Red Hat linux RHCT, Red Hat Linux RHCE. Ive sat a not so good oracle course and a waste of time windows 2000 bug course!!

Musically I’ve been playing bass semi pro for around 30 years now and played all over the country in various bands. The bands started of early with the whizz bits, in the band dan doherty whose dad was jimmy kent who played with my dad which handy as we used to get up at the gigs and do rock and roll, johny be goode and drifters etc all good education!! we started a little band me dan and paul graham (waterhouse) nick names including -> pud -> grez -> puddy la la on drums, we did a few gigs and rehearsed in pails basement on west minister road which was a pie shop!!!  moving to twist and shout with gee on vocals and guitar, chris on drums, dan guitar and me on the beatle bass! we also had a keyboard player for a while forgot his name but we went swimming once ha ha! , then to second edition which was barry who left town cause he messed with his sister or something me and dan and i think we got andy on keyboards who was forced to leave the band because his dad thought we were leading him astray, he actually came to the pub and gave me a roasting, then andy went to jail for drugs i think! oh and not to forget barry on drums which was a top bloke just his fat stupid wife jean stuck her nose in so he got ejected! then i just got reminded by my good pal jason he joined the band playing guitar! he has some pictures of us playing in the cartlon in morecambe which should be interesting to see, he was a monster and still is a monster player cant remember what happend to that band it was the 90’s! then to looking back which again was me and dan and we got jimmy ward on guitar and then we introduced  steven wren who was rehearsing with us but not allowed to pal with us until he was 16! we showed him the ropes got him doing some harmonies and look at him now!! great guy loved working with wrennie what a guy 🙂 . David hughes which was my brothers best mate and still is reminded me he used to come play keyboards with us when wrennie wasnt around!! cheers davey –  Round this time i was playing with my dads band every now and then with crossover, which had charlie mcman and drums and rudy valente on vocals and guitar and keith wilson (boomer) on lead and vocals I also was stepping in for my dad on bass with jimmy kent which was a adventure as it was like being chucked in the deep end! I was used by various bands for my talent of being able to busk and just be dropped in and play bass, i played with tony ross at the country festivals with the legendary jimmy bamber and boomer on lead! I also did a stint with pete nelson doing sows in south port to big audiences, got a cracking bass solo nivram by the shadows on got me in the spot light! on the same bill as the likes of jet harris and co..  also did a couple of gigs with mr golly goulding doing some old chuck berry numbers which golly is very good at !! Round about this time i was walking down west ham street in lancaster with fiona when i heard some real top notch slap bass which i was wanting to learn so i knocked on the door and asked for lessons, the lad said come in u wanna play like this and amazed me with a slap solo given from the gods on this old jaydee bass, i said yes please a proceeded to lessons a week later, which progressed into having the best mate in the world, simon willan a lll round top bloke and great musician i have to thank him a lot for showing me the way to what i needed to play to my standard, a few months later i had my first jaydee and was slapping it like a trooper !!!!!!! cheers man eternally grateful x Then natural thing was created while looking back was coming to the end which i still play with till today, I had a year out a couple of years ago but we are back together going strong over 15 years on. Round the mid of natural thing i started playing with the devious soul machine which was interesting have a lot of members including a hammond organ and full brass section. Around this time i joined bernie kelly hugh and andy in a band called pushking which we did all our own stuff and did a few gigs around lancaster cant remember why i left but my bass playing was filled by a guy called rane nice player.In between this I’ve done work with my old band with dan doherty and set even wren in the band and with the duo with dan. I also created a duo with jimmy ward called revival which was a good setup but didn’t last long. I have also done some duo work with my dad which was fun. In the time out i was used to play bass in the studio with local metal band promethium which i joined after the first few rehearsals the band then included steve, fraser, rossi and dan lovett-horn which we cut one cd then i left and was asked to go back for the second cd which went quite well and did some live gigs left to get businesss back in order and was replaced by barry mills who for one is a great guy but good bass player ad fits the bill more than me! Leading onto playing bass with local band blackheart afterglow with phil turner, graham, paul and mathew on drums, graham a great guy and a talented musician he played keyboards, slide, lead guitar and was a very creative guy enjoyed playing with him in the band, loved the material a great band for creative fretless bass licks which i think fitted the band amazingly again had to move on due to time commitments and they have gregson on bass now 🙂 Moving on i was looking for members for a hard hitting rock band which I found pip mailing (ex quieboys drummer) and we formed the Hecklers which did some great covers of led sep small faces, with stu on guitar (great acdc player!) and D on vocals but it didn’t seem to work so I created top dog! The first line up was me on bass and vocals and derek jackson on vocals and harmonica, jimmy ward on lead guitar. We did a few gigs like and was pretty driving blues but the problem i have is i gotta keep some technical bass stuff going to keep me occupied so i moved to guitar which has been the best move ever, we have 2 bass players nick and graeame (graeme being the main bass player) and I’m playing slide and guitar which has added a whole new scope to the band and also give me a push forward to try different guitar tunings Im now using three guitars one tuned up to a E for slide another tuned up to G for slide and a standard tuned gibson firebird. We have raid the profile on top dog giving us a great website and just releasing a demo cd which will be available on itunes and hopefully will be joining the large blues festivals next year. Also we had a jam day at the park hotel in morecambe not so long back with dan on guitar vocals, me on guitar vocals and a bit of bass and gary on bass and frank on drums not a bad band, also at the jam played with sam on drums great female drummer and she sings! and also played with the beatles band with paul ineson and paul eno and frank on drums which was top notch, other local musicians such as john jeffries, dougie mccinel would get up and jam with us which made it interesting!

I decided in october 2012 to take a step back from all the bands, although i created them and maybe put in all the hard work im thinking about myself for a change. Ill still be playing in the bands but will now just be a member and nothing else. Im interested in playing or any studio work with any local bands if you need a dep or a session doing drop me a line on the contact form im up for and bass / guitar work and do great vocals and have good stage presence, own transport and have a full PA which i dont mind the band using as long as they help me transport it and set it up and down -> simple

We have now moved the jam to every sunday at the tavern at scale hall, its been going great we have had some great jams! get your self in from 7.30 onwards – rock and roll, beatles, blues, country it all goes!! Core band is called top notch and consists of me on guitar and vocals, frank on drums and vocals, paul on vocals and bass and the other paul on vocals and guitar! here is the website with blog -> http://musiciansworkshop.co.uk

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Other interests include photography, audio recording, visiting spain, scooters including lambrettas and vespas. more to come…..

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