Alembic Spoiler For Jaydee Trade Or Cash Offer

I got a mint 1983 Alembic Spoiler Bass In Original Hard Case for sale.

These basses are top end and have to be serious to discuss a deal with this.

Here is the alembic spec on the bass

Im looking for a cash offer or id prefer a good condition jaydee bass either the MK or GA24 . Im based in spain but can organise carriage.

Please not only jaydee as specified no other guitars or basses.

just us the contact us page for more details.


My show projection plan is coming into action….

linux show player triggering video using vlc to specified monitor

this is the command ive been looking for! fires projections from cues to a projector … watch this space! vlc –qt-fullscreen-screennumber=1 -f video.mp4

check this!!

ill put this to bed for now but the light show triggers you will see next”


I just created my first midi triggers!!

I just created my first midi triggers!!

Im just setting myself up for a whole new music show for this year – ive made a lot of changes in the way i loose the effects pedal for vocals and all the effects pedals for guitar and a new addition is a full lighting system using open dmx – i have laser / floor LED pars  / smoke machine and also pin spot on a moving head.

Also ive got the behringer fcb1010 connected to guitarix for my guitar effects which was my original idea at looking at amp modelling and turned into creating a full automated show! I can automate the guitar but i dont want that i like to do this myself and have the option to have what i want at any time with the guitar.

The show is created with linux show player which will take in audio tracks and media cues to trigger slight shows and effects. With this on the video you can see the delay is on as soon as i activate – ive turned off vocal delay as the first trigger which sets it to dry. it then waits for my single usb footswitch that sends a space bar or any key i assign and then triggers the delay level to what ever i want to if the song needs heavier echo this gets activated at the same time as it triggers the song . At the end of the song the trigger sets the delay to dry again so i can speak and waits for the pedal. The software also replay gains all the songs levelling them up and each track has its own EQ which is handy if you have weak songs on the bottom end.

Here is the software im using.

And rakarrack is a awsome guitar effects application which im using for the vocals – ive got compression / limiter / EQ / echo / delays / reverbs and multiple variation which also i can pick from the trigger for each song.

here is a link for rararrack

the next step which ive already connected and working on is making the light sequences and then triggering the light presets to each song so each song has its own light / laser and smoke show. And here is the link for this

All this is done by using midi which hasnt taken long to pick up at all to be honest. But is a learning curve!!

Have to say a massive thanks to the guys at linux show player for helping my out over the past couple of days. Awesome.

here is a demo of the echo being on and me triggering – selects echo dry – starts intro music i fast forward music manually which then waits – then i press go on or foot key press and turns ehco on and starts the song.


Wayne Ward – GET BACK – Torremolinos.

Wayne Ward – GET BACK!!

Guitarist / Vocalist based in Torremolinos –  im available for private partied and events.  I have covered the bottom end of the coast and am available for shows and bookings within a two hour drive distance. A great range of music for any event from 50’s to 90’s. If your looking for a musician for your party / event please free to contact me. Here are some of my social networking sites so you can contact me or watch me perform live on youtube. I

f you want the best and the dance floor filling then contact GET BACK! the diary is filling up fast for 2108!  Music styles include rock and roll, country and sixties. Music from the Beatles, Chuck Berry, The Monkees, The Drifters, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Elvis, Wings, Neil Diamond, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Pacemakers, The Shadows, Sam Cooke, Santana, Eric Clapton, Don Gibson, Johnny Kid & The Pirates, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Oasis, Doobie Brothers, Robert Johnson & Much more!! 

wayne ward torremolinos

Also available acoustic version playing a great range of songs for you to enjoy.  Feel free to visit my facebook page here or my youtube page with loads of great live videos for you to enjoy which is here

You can see me doing my solo show or performing live with my rock and roll band -> The Twisters!


Make sure if you are booking a special event you visit the act so you know for sure what you are getting. Dont book somebody half baked! get the best !! GET BACK!! visit my website.


Guitarix – Behringer FCB1010 Midi Channel & Expression Pedal Calibration

Guitarix – Behringer FCB1010

I recently purchased the Behringer FCB1010 midi foot pedal to connect and control my guitarix music rig on linux. The pedal didnt connnect straight away as it was set to channel 16 for some crazy reason so to change the channel

This changes the channel i set mine to channel one.

Set the MIDI Channels

The MIDI channel on your FCB1010 must match the MIDI channel used on your other MIDI gear.  If they are not the same,  MIDI commands sent buy the FCB1010 will just be ignored by your MIDI gear.  Try MIDI channel 1 on both for a start.

To set the MIDI channel on your FCB1010, do the following:

  1. If FCB1010 is turned on, turn it off
  2. Press and hold the Down button while you turn on the FCB1010.  Keep holding it down for about 5 seconds. When you see the small green light come on, release the button
  3. Press the UP button once.  The green light will have changed to the MIDI Function selection.
  4. Press the 1 button.  The 1 button LED and green light will begin to blink.  The display will change to show you the current MIDI channel for PC command.
  5. Press the UP button once.  The green light will move to MIDI Chann and the display digit will begin to blink.
  6. Press the 0 button and then the 1 button.  This will change it to MIDI channel 1.  The display should now show 01.
  7. Press the UP button once.  The green light will move to the MIDI Config selection.
  8. Now press and hold the Down button for about 5 seconds.  The display will change to 00.

You have now programmed the FCB for the first PC command to MIDI channel 1.  To set a different channel, the steps are basically the same except you enter a different number in the sixth step above.

This is the steps for calibration

FCB1010 Pedal Calibration

How to Calibrate the Behringer FCB1010 Expression Pedals

Many users experience problems with the expression pedal range on new FCB1010’s, in which one or both pedals do not transmit a full range of controller values from 0-127 (0x00-0x7F).   the way to fix this is to follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Keep footswitches 1 and 3 pressed while switching on the unit (This bit you can’t do standing up!). Release the switches when the display blanks. The LEDs on the footswitches, the ones on the display and each segment of the two numeric displays will turn on and off in sequence.
  2. Wait until all footswitch LEDs are on. Depress all footswitches one at a time, including UP and DOWN, until all LEDs are off.
  3. Wait until relay switch test is finished. (There will be a couple of mechanical clicks, and the display will end up reading “F1” (at least, it did on mine)). [Also, if you have connected a MIDI cable between the MIDI in and out, the display will show “A1” before this, meaning the midi ports work correctly.]
  4. Press DOWN once.
  5. Adjust the left expression pedal (A) to the lowest value. Once adjusted press UP.
  6. Adjust the left expression pedal (A) to the highest value. Once adjusted press UP.
  7. Adjust the right expression pedal (B) to the lowest value. Once adjusted press UP.
  8. Adjust the right expression pedal (B) to the highest value. Once adjusted press UP.
  9. Select a patch which has both pedals set to their full range, and check the expression pedals now send 0-127 (0x00-0x7F)

Enjoy your pedal and expression pedals on guitarix i am!!

as you can see ive just created a standard template rack config which im going to use through me presets with the racks in the order which i think is best!