can receive sms and mms but cannot send mms on 02

On the new nexus 4 i wanted to send a group message and this automatically changes the text message to a MMS message but he phone by default doesn’t have the required SMSC number in by default and doesn’t auto detect it so dialing *#*#4636#*#* brings up a troubleshooting/statistics menu page. Dial that and select Phone information and at the bottom you can enter the SMSC (Short Mail Service Center) number. I then clicked the refresh button and update this automatically put in the number required then i simply selected the back button and it was fixed!

android screenshot


my review on vtiger and crm touch on android

pros, works on iphone and android and is much easier than using the system through a web browser on a mobile phone. I like the layout on the android better than iphone because i get stuck with icons on the bottom of my iphone that i dont use to much. At least with vtiger you dont have to have a pro versio to use the mobile client with it (unlike sugarcrm)


cons, be nice if it automatically synced, be nice if the app run as a service and had proper mobile notifications instead of emails which are plainly useless, on iphone you can add a document but if you make the document through the web based client it puts html in that shows on the mobile client to fix this you have to make the editor plain text which makes all your notes plain text, on the iphone client you cant even add a note which is just a nightmare so i have to add notes in tasks and update them on my computer later which is more work. A simple upload should be added in documents from photos on the mobile device so user can take picture note or subject and upload into the crm. Last but not least im not happy about paying for the software on my iphone then when i sold it i have to pay again for it on my android 🙁


Screen Shot 2013 04 03 at 22 20 05

I like the layout a little more than the vtiger layout i like the quick add of comments which is handy
but again like the vtiger app it says documents which can only be viewed which to me is useless i use documents and notes more than any thing and this works fine on the iphone vtiger client, so was just a waste of 6.15 if you dont use or not bothered about adding or editing notes go for it. and like vtiger no auto sync no reminders so its ok to use but lacks functionality.


probably the biggest problem i have with the whole lot is not being able to add or edit notes on android, gutted.