The Squeeze

Just wrote another ditty I called it the squeeze – im waiting for the 12 string to arrive before I put the chords over it as ive decided this ones an acoustic tune. Great tune about letting things go and holding onto things that have passed and flogged… its the third song ive wrote in 2 weeks – im loving the writing! I been stuck on a few lyrics for days and someone just said something that sparked what i require ” i fukin love that”
I will get them on sound clound and get them on my blog very soon… watch this space…
well the exclusive news is just around the corner just had another call 2night – so all musicians hold onto your instruments and get ready for whats coming your way – practice your going to need plenty of it to keep up with whats coming your way…… yes its evolving …..

love you all 🙂


top session

just hit home after another session job – played the fretless at a blues beer fest!
some crazy beer on tap – havent been to barrow for a long long time!
quite suprisingly i took the whole gig out with no mistakes! thats a 1st!
nice couple of sets – lots of light and shade
great vocals / harmonica and some great guitar playing including some great slide playing
locked in with the drummer great time keeper and great dynamics not just noise!
i just used the fretless for the full gig – plenty of of space for the fretless parts
finished of with a lovely meal from the organiser – thai chicken yum 🙂

its funny its a small world i got to talking to the vocalist / harp player in the car on the way back great guy from out of town – came round this neck of the woods not so long ago to check out some bands and stumbled across some lads i played with once upon a time.. he left after 2 songs – the summary was bassically

trying to hit something not possible
badly timed

i can go on but you get the gist

overal great day – in in general happy with the standard i still hold
its great playing with like minded musicians who are delivering enjoyable music with dynamics

need a session player drop me a mail –

“bass – guitar – vocals – any style cover – rock – pop – soul – funk – metal- blues”


faces time

just having a faces phase
i studied the small faces and still listen to them great band
although the faces seem to move into a more soulful creation
im not overly sure it was rod on vocals or ronnie wood joining? i think they just changes style slightly
which didnt do them any harm added character – the feeling of it sounding not played together a lot but sounding right
kind of hard to explain! but yer im all for the it – check em out ….

” the first step book is also available for drummers and bass players 😉 ” read it.


bass decisions…..

yup ive deceided its alembic time again as its going to be required…
im going back yup im getting a series one long scale with of board power supply
the same model as the ox used all the way through the 70’s
not the corny shaped ox model thats going over the top
plus i like the original large bodied model
im keeping all the other basses and im adding a trace elliot 15″ cab to the wall of cabs I own
aswell as the recently donated amp head 250 which im currently restoring
ive been using the jazz in all the sessions ive been doing lately
and im keeping the jaydee
i dont need anymore than this….
(pictured far right or far left of the ox)

it could be worse i could own some shitty fender / music man copy pppphhhffffff! as if im some shitty little wanna be !! ppphhhfff


range rover fix up

just like to thank the lads at tawpark 4×4
my rangie decided to eas error and which was fine for a while
till i got the 35 mph error on the dash
it still worked for a while then it decided to hit the bump stops!!
and believe me thats one bouncy ride :-O
contacted the guys a tawpack and bought a lead and software for £25 which came the next day!
hooked up the rangie to the laptop and diagnosed down to the pump
so ordered a pump kit from tawpack which came the next day with instructions
stripped and serviced the pump which took 20 mins
put the pump back in and started her up for 20 mins with the door open which stops rangie from rising
i waited till the pump finished and shut the door – which it should have gone up but never 🙁
so called back he said diagnose again which indicated a sensor error so he told me to jack that side up a inch a so and try again…
door open one wheel jacked started her up again …
waited till the pump stopped shut the door and up she went!!
I cant thank them enough for there quality tech support and fast delivery

if you get any problems with your range rover try


busy muso week ahead..

sunday was a great gig – played bass and guitar tested out the new pedal board setup which went well!
anyway this week is a big one … i got rehearsal with blackheart aterglow 2morro night – playing original stuff which is damn good – has elements of OCS/WELLER/WHO/ZEP sounds good – plus I get to play guitar and bass…. plus we get a photo shoot 2morro night 🙂
thursday is a importtant meeting for future project which is the exclusive …. watch this space ha 🙂
then I recorded the swarm saturday as im playing bass at a festival over the weekend which im looking forward to !! plus im rehearsin like hell working on my voice – its all good

The only way to be the best is to dedicate the time and practice – gig a lot – and just be a muso

I love it.


the swarm live

went to watch a few bands last night @ the bowling green lancaster
charity event..
i took along a recorder to record the swarm as im standing in for them next week at a festival
its strange i seem to be getting all the work back i lost over the past ten years its awsome
back to the good old days of being a musician !! ive wasted so much time… but thats another story!…
anyway i just recorded the set – cut a song and copied across to my mac and uploaded to sound cloud
so its not edited or anything as ive just got the tackle to do this im going to be offering to
take the recorder + macbook for live recordings so i can give them a cd at the end of the night for a small fee
plus i can take either the DV camera and the Nikon D50 and get band shots for a small fee!!!

any way here is swarm messin with the kid…